How to get Zann App?

Please type “Zann” and search in your mobile Store. After that select “Install” button. You can get App in below

How to use ZANN?

(1) Fill in your name.
(2) Provide country code and phone no.
(3) Press in “Sign Up” button.
Fill in 6 digit code when you received in your message box and then key in and press “Verify” button.

How to watch Videos? How to give reactions and write comments?

You can watch the latest videos in “Home” section.
You can enjoy the hot trending videos in “Trending” section.
You can find a wide variety of videos collection in “Channel” section.
If you entertain the videos, you can give reactions such as “Like”, “Love”, “Sad” and “Ha Ha” etc. You can write suggestions in “Comments” section.
In “Up Next” section, you can enjoy similar types of videos.
You are allowed to share videos in other social media platforms.

How to upload new videos?

Select “Video” icon and you can upload your videos. You can record new video and upload by selecting “Record” icon. If you want to upload in your own channel, you need to create your own channel.

How to create own channel?

In Profile setting, select “My Channel” and fill in channel name and description. You can change your own photos for Profile and Cover and select “Create” button.

How to contact us?

Phone No : 01-240214
Email :